There are many reasons that one would choose carpet for their flooring in their home. Carpets and rugs offer a soft covering for the floor that cannot be matched by other floor covering options. There are several styles, colors, fibers, textures, and patterns available in today’s carpet and rug selections. Carpet adds beauty and style to a room while instilling warmth and comfort. Carpet also moderates lighting because light flooring reflects light and reduces the need for supplemental lighting while darker flooring allows for a warmer feel. Carpet also enhances safety, absorbs sound, and camouflages floor imperfections.

Why Professional Installation?
Professional installation is a specialized skill that is critical to the performance of your carpet. Most carpets require stretching and seaming which is not for the do-it-yourselfer. In some instances, the manufacturer’s warranty can be void if the carpet is not installed by a professional. Claghorn Custom Flooring has carpet installation available for every carpet we sell.

Care and Maintenance

  • Regular cleaning and proper care of your carpets and rugs will allow for longer wear life. Over time, normal foot traffic and use will change the appearance of your carpet. Trained, professional carpet cleaners should be hired. Routine cleaning about every two years will rejuvenate the carpet fibers.
  • Vacuuming is a fundamental element in keeping your carpet looking new. Vacuuming will prevent dirt and grime from matting the pile and changing the color of the carpet.
  • Rearrange your furniture often to redistribute the weight load on the carpet.
  • Only use spot cleaners as recommended by the manufacturer.